Answers to some common questions.

Questions & Answers

With so many uses for the space, it is hard to provide answers for every scenario, but we try.

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What can LOFT 105 be used for?

LOFT 105 is a versatile space that can be configured to suit various events. :

  • Corporate Events
  • Meeting Space
  • Weddings
  • Rehearsal Dinners
  • Birthday Parties
  • Networking Events
  • Baby Showers
  • Quinceañeras
  • Graduation Parties
  • Class and Family Reunions
  • School Dances
  • Art Shows
  • After-Hours Mixers
  • Social Gatherings
  • Formal Dinners
  • Photography Shoots
  • Galas
  • Fraternity/ Sorority Formals
  • Yoga/Fitness Classes
  • Investment/Financial Seminars

How long can I rent the space?

The rental time is calculated on an hourly basis. You can book the space for the duration that fits your event, whether it’s a short gathering or a longer celebration based on availability. A two (2) hour minimum is required.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to allow enough time when booking the space for setup, teardown, and cleanup. If you need 2 hours for an event then it is recommended to book at least 3 hours (or longer) to give yourself time to complete those tasks.

Lofty Idea: Book the same time-slot weekly for classes or meetings. Discounts available for multiple monthly bookings.


Is the space accessible outside my booked time slot?

No. There is no pre-event or post-event access to the building.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to allow enough time when booking the space for setup, teardown, and cleanup. If you need 2 hours for an event then it is recommended to book at least 3 hours (or longer) to give yourself time to complete those tasks.

What are your hours of operation?

8am – 11pm – Monday thru Sunday

What forms of payment are excepted?

All bookings are done online via debit or credit cards. No cash or checks.

Is there a deposit?

Yes. We require a $150.00 deposit included with rental costs at time of booking. If no damages occur or extra cleaning is required, then your deposit is refunded, in full, within 30 business days.



What is the occupancy rating of the space?

150 Guests with up to 100 seated.

Is there a changing area?

There is an additional smaller room that could be used for changing area. By request only.

Are tables and chairs included with the rental?

Yes. There are ten (10) 60” round tables, and 100 white, padded folding chairs, which provide seating arrangements for up to 100 guests, making it convenient for you to host your event without worrying about additional furniture. Additionally, we have five (5) – 30” round pub tables which can be used for standing purposes only.

You are responsible for setting up and tearing down/storing any tables and chairs you utilize. These items are located in the storage room.

NOTE: Failure to put tables and/or chairs away may affect your deposit refund.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

The venue is not wheelchair accessible at this time.

Is there an elevator?

No. The space is only accessed by the single staircase located on N Main St.

Are pets allowed at the venue?

No. Unless a patron has a documented service animal and you provide the necessary documentation in a timely manner prior to the event.

Is there a designated area for catering services?

Yes. There is a staging area off the main room where catering services can be set up. This allows for easy coordination and ensures a seamless flow for food and beverage services during your event. We have one 8-foot prep table, a 3-basin sink, a microwave, and a refrigerator with freezer for your convenience.

Do we cater food and bar service?

No. All food and bar services must be catered through other 3rd Party providers. Our Loft 105 team may provide you a list of qualified companies after booking your event.

Will audiovisual or sound equipment be available?

No. We do not provide any AV equipment, speakers, microphones, or sound amplification systems. You will need to provide your own.

Do we allow live music?

Yes, absolutely! The venue is well suited for musicians and DJ’s. No sound system is available and you will need to provide your own equipment.

The City of Lindale Noise Ordinance requires all events Monday -Thursday to end by 10pm and Friday – Saturday by 11pm.

View City Sound Ordinance

Lofty Idea: Host a singer/songwriter song swap.

Where is parking located?

There is available parking along both sides of the 100 block of N Main Street, the north side of 100 E Hubbard, as well as community parking in the lot a short walk North of Loft 105. We strive to provide a convenient experience for both hosts and attendees.

View Our Parking Map

You are welcome to use a valet service.

Can I bring my own decorations?

You are welcome to bring your own decorations to personalize the space for your event. However, there are certain restrictions set in place to ensure the safety and integrity of the venue. Due to the historic nature of the building no nails, hooks, tape, command strips, etc. can be used. Nothing can be attached to walls, ceiling or other structural components.

See Rental Policy for complete details.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking and/or Vaping is not allowed inside LOFT 105.

City of Lindale Smoking Ordinance

Do I need additional insurance for my event?

There is an option to purchase additional insurance for your event on our booking platform, but an event holder is NOT required to purchase additional liability insurance to host an event at LOFT 105.

NOTE: Insurance may be required if an event holder is hosting multiple events. Ask our LOFT 105 team for more details.

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Is security provided?

No. You are responsible for hiring and paying for your own security if needed. Security is required for events serving alcohol. You will receive our preferred vendor’s list which has info about security once your event has been booked.

Who cleans up and is there a cleaning service?

Whoever accepted the rental policy at the time of booking is ultimately responsible for cleanup and removal of all trash, as well as other compliance criteria.

A “Cleaning” option is available when booking the rental for an additional fee.

Where is trash disposed of?

Trash cans are available on the East side of the building, accessible through the alleyway on E. Hubbard St.

You are responsible for the collection, removal, and disposal of ALL trash. Including restrooms, unless you’ve purchased the cleaning upgrade at the time of booking your event.

Map to Trash Cans

Can items be dropped off prior to my event?

No. Doing so may interfere with another scheduled event. You are only allowed access to the space during your booked hours. Please take into consideration and time needed for setup and tear down of your event when booking time.

How do I access the space after booking?

You will be sent a one-time access passcode good for the duration of your event. You are able to use this code to enter as many times as needed during your scheduled event hours. Once your event time has expired the access code will no longer work. For safety and security reasons, the door will lock each time it is closed.

NOTE: The locking mechanism on the entry door can be programmed to stay unlocked during your event. Ask the Loft 105 team for assistance with this feature.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once the date is booked and payment is made, there are No Refunds. If an emergency cancellation occurs, we can move to a later date based on availability. The only way we accept a cancellation is if there’s damage done to the building due to weather, fire, or any other accident. The lessee will be able to tour the venue and decide if they want their event to continue or be refunded.